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We offer a wide range of accounting services to fit your specific needs.

Guiding Your Path to Success

Beyond Numbers. Guiding your path to success with your own specialized accounting team.

We bring clarity and focus to our clients’ business performance by providing tactical and strategic accounting assistance.  Our clients see us as an integrated member within their team, we help guide the path.

Every business needs a well lit course to financial success and every business shares the same need for accounting, but not all have the capacity to hire a full accounting team or CFO.  At Bright North, we partner with our clients’ teams to provide multi-level accounting and consulting services based on each specific need.  Our clients spend their time on their business and their passions, and we spend time on ours.

Our Core Services

We provide a variety of financial solutions. As your business evolves, we evolve to meet your needs and are with you each step. Whether your company needs to get the books current and accurate or utilize them as a tool for making business decisions, Bright North small business accounting service provides accounting expertise to any situation. We can get your books clean and provide you with actionable reports to better manage your business.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We help ensure that your money is accounted for, balance sheets are spot on, reconciled, tidy and clean so you can rest easy and focus on powering your business.

Forecasting & Modeling

An accurate financial forecast serves as a strategic roadmap, guiding you towards your goals and preparing the road ahead with an executable plan.  We work with management to fully understand the guiding principles and goals and build a forecast that maps to those plans.

Cash Planning & Management

Cash fuels the economic motor in all businesses, and as a precious resource, careful planning is required to ensure it’s supply is constant.  We create processes and systems that better enable management’s ability to control their cash position.

Capital Raising Strategy

There often comes a time in a business’ journey when external resources are required. Whether through a bank loan, equity investment, or strategic partnership, the injection of additional cash is essential for growth. We ensure that the diligence process is smooth, and provide solutions and consultation on the best course for the business and it’s owners.

CFO Consulting

Business decisions need to be anchored by an understanding and analysis of the factors involved. We develop project-specific models and forecasts to better understand the potential financial outcomes.

Payroll Support

We provide support and third-party liaison between our clients and their payroll provider.  Payroll is often overly complicated in an accounting software. We focus on simplifying the process, which allows for better analysis of trends and profit margins.

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